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Green-Line  Lubricants Product Line

Green-Line Lubricants are Bio-Based (made from plants grown in North America), environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable and can outperform conventional lubricants.

Green-Line Lubricants are available in 5 and 55 gallon containers.

Green-Line Wire Rope Lubricant

Chain & Cable Lubricant


Green-Line Wire Rope Lube is an environmentally safe, penetrating-type, wire rope lubricant.

Green-Line Wire Rope Lubricant has a strong natural attraction for metal, making it a good choice near waterways as the lubricant will cling to the metal and resist water washout.
Green-Line Wire Rope Lube contains anti-corrosion and extreme pressure additives that are safe for the environment.

Protects wire rope against rust, wear and moisture to extend cable life
Protective film contains no solvent and will not dry, harden or evaporate
Adheres to cable strands and easily penetrates to the core of the wire rope or cable
Essentially Non-Flammable with a flash point (552°F) for increased safety
Meets USDA’s proposed Bio-based product definition for EO 13101
Meets EPA’s Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) criteria


Typical Properties

Green-Line Wire Rope Lube

Specific Gravity g/cm³ @25°C


Kinematic Viscosity @   40°C

56 cSt

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C      

9.10 cSt

Flash Point

289°C / 552°F

Pour Point

-36°C / -33°F

LC50 (PPM)




Green-Line Wire Rope Lubricant is recommended for mine shaft cables, marine crane cables, overhead crane cables, bridge cables, guy ropes, winch and hoist ropes, rigging, mooring, and towing cable.  Green-Line Lubricant can be applied by sprayer, brush, or by pressure applicator. 

Pricing for Green-Line Wire Rope Chain & Cable Lubricants

1 gallon jug                   Call for pricing
5 gallon pail                  Call for pricing
55 gallon drum              Call for pricing

Green-Line Lubricants
are Bio-Based (made from plants grown in North America), environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable and can consistently outperform conventional lubricants.

Green-Line Sol-Lube -  a highly soluble lubricant designed to increase water's ability to lubricate.

Green-Line Air Lube – excellent for use in all types of pneumatic equipment and tools.

Green-Line Wire Rope Chain & Cable Lube – an environmentally safe alternative to petroleum and synthetic products used to lubricate cables and wire rope used by drag lines, hoists, etc.

Green-Line Chain Saw Bar Oil - designed to lubricate the chain and bar of high speed chain saws and reduce operator health hazards associated with the use of mineral oil.

Green-Line Multi-Purpose Penetrating Lube - a multi-purpose, environmentally safe, user safe, non-toxic lubricant.

Green-Line Hydraulic Fluid - an environmentally safe industrial fluid with lubrication properties that can result in significantly less wear on your equipment's hydraulic components.

Green-Line Hydraulic Food Grade – formulated to meet the demanding applications of food and meat processing plants.  Excellent for large and small cylinders, motors and hydraulic components.  Ideal for general hydraulic near water or environmentally sensitive areas.  Approved as a “Lubricant With Incidental Food Contact” by USDA.
Green-Line Shaft Turbine Oil - pollution free lubrication of vertical turbine pump equipment with lubricated line shafts in either flanged, threaded or coupled column construction.

Green-Line R&O Lube - a highly stable, environmentally safe fluid used to prevent rust and oxidation in various industrial lubricating applications.

Green-Line Gear Oil - environmentally safe oil used in gear reducing applications formulated with rust and oxidation suppression additives and superior anti-foaming additives.

Green-Line Form Release Agent - environmentally safe release agent for use with metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass forms. It will not react with Portland cement or common admixtures.

Green-Line Enviro-Cut  - outstanding water-soluble cutting fluid for metalworking.

Green-Line RP 2000
- a unique product combining the capability of both removing rust and providing a long term protective surface covering for a wide variety of metals.

Green-Line Dust Control Agent - highly soluble concentrate designed to mix with hard or soft water and form an environmentally friendly dust control spray.
Green-Line Saw Guide Oil - environmentally safe, high performance lubricant manufactured specifically for the forestry industry.

Green-Line Wood Sealer & Concrete Water Proofer
- a natural, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable soy-based sealer that provides a 24 month (ASTM C-672) seal for all wood.

Green-Line Paint Stripper - a natural, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable soy-based paint stripper for effective removal of latex or oil based paint from almost any surface.

Green-Line Hard Surface Cleaner – a natural, soy-based cleaner for effectively removing grease, oil, tar and dirt from concrete, brick, stoneand other hard surfaces..

Green-Line Diesel Fuel Additive - a natural soy-based lubricity additive for diesel fuel.  Enhances performance and life expectancy of all diesel engines.  Meets or exceeds engine manufacturers’ requirements for lubricity.  Can improve cetane rating.

Green-Line Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner and Moisturizer - made from corn and soybeans.  Contains vitamin E.  Clean, orange scent.

Green-Line Premium Lithium Grease - a natural soy-based product made from US soy beans.  Provides superior lubricity, corrosion protection, wide temperature range, and extreme pressure protection.

Green-Line Food Machinery Grease
– formulated to meet the demanding applications of the food processing and beverage industries.  Excellent for lubrication of bearing, grease lubricated gears and machine slides.  It is an environmentally safe, high temperature, multi-purpose grease with a low coefficient of friction.   Approved as a “Lubricant With Incidental Food Contact” by USDA.

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