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Hilco FiltrationVISCO’S partner company, VANGUARD INDUSTRIES, is the Nebraska and Iowa distributor for  HILCO. 

Please visit Hilco’s website at:

HILCO Fluid Reclamation Systems cost-effectively brings fluid contamination problems under control.

HILCO engineers a full-range of filters, cartridges, vessels, vent mist eliminators, transfer valves, reclaimers, coolant recyclers and systems, and membrane filtration systems.

HILCO products help reduce the cost of new oil purchases, decrease disposal costs, lessen component wear, reduce downtime, and curtail environment contamination.

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • filtration
  • emission control
  • ion exchange systems
  • heat treating
  • power generation
  • metalworking
  • transformers
  • power utilities
  • turbines
  • chemical plants
  • high-speed rotating equipment
  • pipelines
  • solid recovery
  • food and beverage processing
  • compressors
  • pumps


Please call for more information and pricing:  402-489-6492